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Friday, July 6, 2012

Women's and Mini Kilts Promo Letter

UPDATE: The MINI KILTS are now for SALE!  www.stumptownkilts.com

Mini StumpTown Kilts is hard at work behind the scenes perfecting our new line of Women's and Mini kilts. How do we plan to launch this luminous blend of high style with the comfort of everyday wearability (they have pockets!)? By adding the ravishing YOU this summer! The temperature won’t be the only thing heating up.  Save $30 off your new Women's and/or Mini Kilt with our special introductory discount!

Redeem your promotional price of $115.00 (Full Retail Price of $145) with TWO WAYS TO SAVE:

Order Online:
• Preview our rich, expressive colors today at
• August 18 - 27 enter  minikilts2012 (all lower case) in the “Discount Code” field on the checkout screen when ordering on our website.

• Join us on August 18 for our sizzling StumpTown Women's & Mini Kilt Launch & Fashion Show . Event details to come!
• Or simply give us a call at 503-926-0287 to set up a time for your personal fitting in Portland, Oregon.  Ordering in-person or online from August 18-27 will ensure you the special promotional price of $115.00. We promise the wait will be well worth it.
Our first run of Women's(17” length) and Mini Kilts(13.5” length) will feature a variety of colors as featured on our website with more expected to come. Be sure to place your order this August and be the first to take advantage of this intimate collection and exclusive savings!

Feel free to forward this email to all your friends so they too can get their Women's and Mini Kilts at the low introductory price of $115.00.

If you know what Color of Women's and/or Mini Kilts you want, please email us with your Size and Color by Friday, July 17th and we will make sure we have it in stock for you on August 18th.  Contact jonny@stumptownkilts.com for color/size preference or to be added to STK's email list to receive special announcements, news, and limited offers.

John McClain
C/O StumpTown Kilts