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Saturday, October 27, 2012


"It was a black wet vacant night in the heart of the wild west.

Leaving abruptly I looked for a place to sleep it off... The rain assaulted my senses as I blindly stumbled from the Inn where for hours I had obssessed on my lack of freedom and the fear of my future.

The next morning seemed like a dream as I woke up in the mud and heard the sound of playful people in the field next to me. I made my way towards the sound. A curious sight, I starred for awhile at the edge, they were building some type of dome. A fair haired girl in some sort of black skirt took notice and came to me asking If I needed some dry clothes. She handed me my first kilt. Black, pleated and longer than her's I was invited to help build that dome. It was exhilerating. I was able to climb like and laugh like a monkey. I was gifted freedom. It was such a new experience, it changed my outlook forever and that night I was reborn around a fire of 20 other monkeys.

I'll never forget that weekend and I wore that kilt often to remind me. I even wore it to an important advertising pitch for a Scottish beer account. The power of the kilt heightened my reach, cresting my attitude. I became the highland warrior. We won the account.

Thanks Stumpotwn Kilts for changing my perspective...

[that fair haired lass now shares my days and nights]

... and my life."