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Friday, November 30, 2012


"I freaking love my mini kilt! It fits so comfortably and the pockets are very handy when I don't feel like carrying my purse. I also love that it is adjustable and can be thrown in the washer! " - Krislyn

"Stumptown Kilts sport excellent craftsmanship and comfort. I purchased the 15 inch length women's kilt and I just love the versatility of the length. There are plenty of snaps so I can wear it low or high for a more sassy lassy look. I love the pleats and the additional detachable pockets for my lipstick and whatnot's for going out on the town. I don't have to bother with a purse if I do not want to." - Elizabeth Walker

"I have to say that StumpTown Kilts are far more comfortable and far more affordable than their competitors. "- Mark Klingler

 "These kilts are very well crafted and designed. The multiple snaps on the waistband allows for adjustments so that it always fits perfectly. The pleats hold up quite well and the large front pocket is perfectly designed." - Lee Mitchell,

 "I have never had a article of clothing that is as durable as my STK kilt." - Gary

 "I particularly like the around the waist snap system on the Stumptown as opposed to the Utilikilt. This allows for "adjustment", which the UK, alas, does not." - Mike Brown

 "The pleating system is fantastic, the reinforcing rivets are strong and sturdy, the adjustable waistband is an innovation and it actually works really well, too." - Christian Jacobsen

 "...my wife told me to buy it and wear it the rest of the day. Since then, I have worn it a lot and have pretty much retired the rest of my kilts..." - Joshua Zaik

 "Its one of my MOST COMFORTABLE pieces of clothing. - David Hill

 "I finally convinced my Norwegian to try on a kilt at the Highland Games in Enumclaw. I almost drooled! "   - Jennifer Molvik

 "... considering that Stumptown Kilts was local and all of the people I knew that had them absolutely LOVE them I just had to get one." - Scott Batchelar

 "I began my search and fell upon Stumptown Kilts right in my backyard. It was the Kilt of my dreams." - David Justin Bennett

 "The power of the kilt heightened my reach, cresting my attitude. I became the highland warrior." - daflew

"Ever since I bought my Stumptown kilt I found a new sense of freedom, style, and attitude. Thank you Stumptown!" - Mathias Mingus

 "I thought it would be great for swing dancing. I get complements every time I wear it, and several girls have asked me to follow because they like how it flairs out when I spin." -Eric Moir

 "I really love my Kilt and get compliments from the ladies when I wear it." - Chris

 "You guys were wonderfully friendly and helpful in making sure I found one that fit just right, with the right number of pockets and so on . . . " - Luke H

"I had the great pleasure of meeting Tim & Jonny at the North American Celtic Tradeshow, where my mom, daughter & I first encounter your awesome kilts. We had seen a few other kilt vendors but were very impressed with STKs quality, versatility & COLORS!!" - Tracey Campbell

"I wore my Stumptown Kilt in the Portland Marathon. Not only was it so comfortable that I almost forgot I was wearing anything, but the breezy, airy, venting helped keep me moving." -skOt Cranmore