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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Happy week of da Valentines STK Nation, I’m Al KiLtpone, Seems like so much happened on dis day i figures i shoulds start a bit early and be yer tour guide de amours for da week. first let me regails ya with last years somber sweet story of my cousin Al Capone and the supposed truths er fictions as dey may be.

While St Valentine's Day is regarded as the day of "amore" for lovers, it is also a notorious day in history with regards to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929. Now youse guys may have bought into all this nub pointing in the direction of my famous cousin, Al Capone, but I'm heres to tell youse a different story. Old cousin Scarface may have been guilty of a lot of bootleggin', moidering, gamblin' rackets and a whole lotta other rackets including making a racket, but he may well have been innocent of this.

Jonathan Eig in his book Get Capone (Simon & schuster 2010) puts forth a very plausible theory. On the day of Febuary 14th 1929, Al Capone was sitting in Miami answering questions from a Brooklyn prosecutor and sharing the company of a Dade county prosecutor, sheriff, stenographer, and his own lawyer. Well 'answering' may be a stretch but he was being asked about his personal income in what would be the beginning of his end as three states and the federal government began building tax fraud charges against him. Now Capone's distance from Chicago certainly did not mean he was removed from the happenings of the Windy City or had a big chubby hand in controlling his intrests and directing others to do his bidding. But the St. Valentine's Day Massacre may have originated for an entirely different reason than Capone's wanting to remove Bugs Moran's North Side Mob.

Eig brings up some facts that were pretty much glossed over at the time, and perhaps with good reason. It seems Moran's boys got into a bar fight that resulted in the shooting of one William Davern Jr., an off duty fire fighter and son of a local police sargeant in November of 1928. Davern clung to life for six weeks without admitting to authorities who had plugged him in the belly. He did however tell his first cousin, William White, or as he was better known, "Three-Fingered Jack". He recieved his moniker due to his right hand only extending into three digits. Davern kicked off in that sixth week leaving his well known vicious cousin swearing to avenge his death. Three-Fingered Jack was a well known henchman, killer, and bank robber who had worked with Moran's boys before and had also killed a snitch while he himself was dressed as a cop. Sound familiar?

Official reports say a police squad car was seen to have pulled up to the S.M.C. Cartage Co. garage (the North Side Mob's HQ ) at about 10:30 a.m. where two police officers and two or three men dressed in street clothes entered the building. Shortly after there were bursts of shotgun fire and the sound of Tommy Guns spitting out death. Seven men lay on the garage floor, only one still barely alive. In between pleading to go to the hospital (which didn't help him anyway) he gasped, "Cops did it".

According to Frank T. Farrell, a supposed undercover invesigator who had written J. Edgar Hoover in 1935, White told the boys he had a big gig to pull off and they all agreed to meet at the fateful garage on Clark Street. An eyewitness claimed to have seen a police squad car with five men and the driver definitely missing a finger on the hand that rested on the steering wheel.
So youse decide for youse-selves what to believe. Other of them there theories blame outta town gangs retaliatin' for Moran's boys ripping off their booze shipments and some have done some speculatin' that Bugs Moran himself set it up 'cause the fellas were skimming offa him. Ironically Willy "Three-Fingered Jack" White was killed in January of 1934 for himself being a snitch to the feds. This evidence supports the theory of personal vendetta and possible government protection from the true facts of things. I aint sayin' cousin Al "Scarface" Capone belongs in the RepubliK of STK 'cause he kiLt allota men, I'm just sayin' maybe he got a bad rap on the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Speakin' of Valentine's Day, boy did he hate it when people called it "V D" Day.

T’anks for joinin’ me, I am Al Kiltpone and I will see youse...tomorrow.