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Monday, February 11, 2013


Hello’s STK Nation, I am Al KiLtpone.

Now on da seconds day of VD week(i could never say dat around cousin Al) I am supposin’ we should start wit’ perhaps da underbellies of da day that is da 14th of February. Perhaps dis will give youse some time to make proper plans to help those in needs. VDay is also ConGenitals Heart Awareness Day...er...hold up dehr..sorry again cousin Al, dats congenital and it’s not under da belly...it’s above it. It’s a serious t’ing affectin’ beautiful childrens so help those wit a broken heart by supportin’. Youse can edumucates yerselves here http://www.tchin.org/aware/
Please do all youse can.

Now backs to VDay, did youse knows about 15% of da ladies send demselves flowers to save demselves ‘office face’. LADIES, youse are beautiful! While some gents might find dis a bit peculiars funny in a peculiars low class way, I t’ink it’s great, all youse belles is beautiful and why not send youselves some fragrants color in yer day, i send ‘em to my basement office on da eastside too. but youse wanna really knock yer own socks off, why not a StumpTown Mini Kilt, hummunah mu hummunah...sexy time! And gents, do a gal a good and jest walk about and hand a flower to a damsel you dunno. It could change the day in a life and maybees change a life in a day.

Now buyins a STK is not recommended for da 9 millions of ya dat buy valentines for youse pets. A kilted cat! Now der’s some peculiar funny! I gives my own pup, his name is poodAL of course, a big Valentine’s bone from da freeza, and no, I swears I’m not tryin’ to get rid of evidence!

T’anks for joinin’ me, I am Al Kiltpone and I will see youse...tomorrow.