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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello’s STK Nation, I am Al KiLtpone.

Dis day of VD week(sorry cousin Al), I’m gonna edumacate youse on some history. Now historixly speakin’s, youse ladies spend half as much as youse fellas on VDay but the Ladies buy likes 80% of Valentine’s cards. Now this is probably not simply because we Gents still prefer crayon scribbles on a white piece of paper to accompany our macaroni boxes. They are most probably bought for youse kids to give to yer teachers who get more cards than anybodies on the whole of da freakin’ planet.

And to combines some tradition to the history lesson, we travel back in time to the middle ages where young ladies believed dat the first boy they was to see on the Valentine’s Day would become their future spousal. This worked grand for the fellas until the girls wised up and stalking laws were soon widely introduced.

And now for the big finish...in Wales a very intricatesly carved spoon is given on VDay which ofcourse leads to...dares I say it,,,SPOONING! Good Night Portland!

T’anks for joinin’ me, I am Al Kiltpone and I will see youse...tomorrow.