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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello’s STK Nation, I am Al KiLtpone.

Today we will discuss other reasons to celebrate the February da 14th. It is not Ferris Bueller’s day off, but it is Ferris Wheel’s Day. Not terribly interestin’, but an easy joke so I’m keepin’ it.

It is also National Condom Day and for some unbeknownst reason the condoms have there biggest sales this here week. Well, maybees the reason is...beknownst. And hopefully just a coincidence, on the day of the 14th Scot scientist and kiLt wearer...(probably)...Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin while growing mold on his haggis. I kid! mold can’t grow on haggis, it’s like the Scottish equivalent of a twinkie...probably.

Cousin Al wouLda loved that one, the penicillin t’ing ofcourse

And whiles the protection d’amours has such a well recieved day in february, it woulds appear home pregnancy tests... ‘peak’... in March.

It woulds appear that condom sales could still be a little better in da week of VDay.

T’anks for joinin’ me, I am Al Kiltpone and I will see youse...tomorrow.