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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Another great testimonial!

“Upon returning home with your kilt in hand, I did some internet research into some of the other modern kilt designs, and It's clear to me now why I had waited all those years to finally get one -- I never did like the design of the Utilikilts, and I had never seen any of the others before. Yours is the first compelling design that has come along, that I have seen in person!”

“I like that (in appearance) yours is a hybrid, and also that it has the big hidden front pocket. It is a bit tight when squatting down all the way (with the strip of pocket attachment points going around), but I wouldn't give up those pockets or the infinite variability that those attachment points make possible, plus the style is cool with all the rivets and visual complication that it adds. The flat pleats are a really nice feature, which I appreciate even more now after wearing.”

-M. McKinney