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Thursday, September 12, 2013


What are people saying about STK?

"I bought an STK back in June and really loved it. As much as I love Utilikilts, I gotta say that the STKs fit better because they are WAY more adjustable.

I went down to the STK showroom today to buy a new one and took my old one to show John where some of the rivets had pulled through the fabric on the belt loops. He explained that the punch he used to use was a little worn so the rivet holes were a bit too big. Then he showed me how the stitching would ensure the belt loops were still functional.

I would have been totally cool with this, because then it became a minor cosmetic thing that was only obvious when I wasn't actually wearing my kilt. He could have let it go at that, but he told me to grab a new one off the rack and keep my old one "as a working in the yard kilt."

STKs are awesome kilts. John is good people who stands behind the kilts he makes. Buy an STK, your future happiness depends on it".

- Sean Herring