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Thursday, February 6, 2014


A big Thank You to all in the STK NATION who participated in last year’s StumpTown Kilts Photo Contest! This year STK is giving away 2 kilts for our 2014 Photo Contest!!

Inspired by the many couples we met during our Vending season in 2013, we loosely came up with the idea of the “Craziest CoupLe Contest” Then thanks to meeting Becca Evers and Louie Paul in July at the Oregon Brewer’s Festival, the idea was permanently stitched into STK infamy. After each bought an STK we asked for a stylish pic and without hesitation Louie grabbed Becca’s waist and up up she went into the air atop Louie’s palm! We knew the name was perfect.

Members of the STK NATION, it is now time to submit pictures of yourselves with a spouse, friend, or significant other in a StumpTown Kilt doing Crazy CoupLe things and you will each win the StumpTown Kilt of your choice!!

1) STK NATION members share pictures of themselves on Facebook with themselves and their significant others, spouses, friends in their kilts from StumpTown Kilts.
2) STK NATION members email the same photo to info@stumptownkilts.com with their name and the name of their spouse, friend, or significant other.
3) Only pictures of two people wearing their kilts from StumpTown Kilts doing something “crazy (come on ya just can’t stand there) will be considered during the selection process.
4) The selection process is as follows. In July, the owners of StumpTown Kilts will select the top 10 photos. These photo contest finalists’ photos will be posted in a photo album on STK’s Facebook Page. STK NATION members will then choose the winner of the contest from the photo contest finalist by adding a LIKE under their photo.