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Thursday, February 13, 2014

VaLentine's Eve with aL KiLtpone

HeLLo’s STK Nation!

Welcomes ta Febyoosewary 13th and our countdown to da day amours…yep, Valentines day!   Once again I am aL KiLtpone bringin’ youse tidings of da heart for da week.  If youse fergot to shops for youse significant udder there is always time to get yer STKVD gift certificate!  STK is killin’ it much like i did that Valentines day when...uhhh...speculations.

Anyways, today I edumacate youse about the earliest survivin’ Valentine written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife Bonne of Armagnac in da year 1415.  Now Charlie couldn’t make it home that VDay, nor anudder 24 of ‘em as he was a prisoner of war imprisoned by Henry da 5th of England…for 25 years.  

Charlie got sent to da joint after da Battle of Agincourt when he was found trapped under a buncha dead guys and stuck unda the weight of his own armour…and a buncha dead guys.  So Charlie starts writin’ and polishin’ up his poetic French tongue since he’s got a bit a time on his French hands whilst reclinin’ in the Tower of London and comes up wit’ dis gem…

 “Je suis desja d'amour tanné

Ma tres doulce Valentinée”

For youse whose don’t speak da French tongue allows me ta translate
“I am already sick of love,
 My very gentle Valentine”

Yoinks!! Dat could be interpreted in a whole buncha ways…but Charlie’s intention was probably along the lines of “aWwW JeeZ dis is some lonely livin’!  Perhaps not Lovin’ is dat much easier on da heart in said coicumstances!”

Speakin’s of a literal interpretations of dat line, “I am already sick of love”, here’s some famous peoples youse might know who was married on da Valentines Day...

The Captain and Tennille (divorced), Elton John and Renate Blauel (umm divorced), Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid (uhhh…also divorced), and Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee(uhhhh...divorced...ofcourse).

Tanks STK Nation, I will see youse tomorraw...on VaLentines Day.  And get dem STKVD Gift Certificates fer yer betters half!!  Dem STK feLLas are even offerin’

fRee shippin’ domesticallies.