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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Do they fasten with one row of snaps, or two rows...or how?

The StumpTown Kilt attaches with 1 row of 5 snaps on the left hip & 1 row of 5 on the right hip. Depending on your sizing in the STK 2 to 3 snaps attach on the left hip and 2 attach on the right hip.

How much material is wrapped in the front? Where does the wrap and material come to? In other words, I'm trying to figure out if a wind will blow it open easily.

Underlying fabric varies by size as well with the fabric overlap ranging from 14" to 11". We designed them so there would be good coverage without to much of the overlap causing a weird bind as you walk, dance, etc. They work pretty well in the wind. STKs have the advantage of the 'secret pocket' that is the front apron. I keep my keys in there which offers enough weight to resist the breeze.

What size are the pockets (small, large)? Do they snap on?

The Women's STK comes with 1 XS Attachable Pocket that measures 5.5"W x 4.25"H and is expandable on both sides with a small card pocket sewn on the front. The Small is 5W x 6.5L and the Large is 7W x 7L and expandable on 1 side with a smaller card pocket sewn into front. These snap onto the bandolier that runs around the kilt below the waistline.