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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


What is your names and the name of your business?
Steve Behrens and SkOt Cranmore owners of 67 Music, Celtic Music Promotions.

Where are you located?
Portland, OR

What is your story? How did you come about?

67 Music was started by CEO SkOt Cranmore back in 2008 as primarily a Celtic broadcast & podcast. SkOt hosted that program on PDXfm and it was really successful, reaching listeners all over the world. After hosting that show for over a year, he decided to change the thrust of the company to promotions and the Celtic broadcast ended. Steve came on board in Jan. of 2010 as events calendar manager & now holds the position of PR. We continue to grow as a company each year and 2013 and beyond holds even more promise for continued growth!

How do you sell your products (i.e. storefront, vending, special events)?
Our services as a promotions/entertainment company thrive on the goodwill and networking of others: musicians, business owners, sponsorships and the like, to help us with opportunities to do interviews & stories to entertain, inform & educate our audiences, sponsor events, provide ticket & other giveaways, etc. We're currently still in development with physical merchandise (clothing & other merch) soon to be rolled out. These items will be available on our website and at live events.

What is your favorite means for selling your products (website, vending, store)?
Our website, www.67music.net is the mothership for all our activity. Facebook, of course is another go-to social media platform. 67 Music is also very social-media savvy and we're also found on twitter, Tumbler and youtube as well (http://youtu.be/T2tKUiPNLVU).  

If you vend, what is your favorite event and why?
We currently don't vend in the traditional sense. 67 is more of a media source. We are becoming more visual and available however, at live events such as Highland Games, concerts and other live music events. Those are our favorite and are tough to beat for the sheer excitement and opportunity to meet people and expand our network of friends and business acquaintances.

How did your company and STK connect?
I (Steve) first heard about STK while at a visit at Two Kilts Brewing quite some time back. Chris & Alex there were talking about STK so I looked you guys up. Later on of course we finally met and you guys sponsored us with skOt's "Rock Road to the Portland Marathon" campaign we held last year. That was a lot of fun and we've introduced a lot of people to STK through that sponsorship.We both have grown as companies a lot since that first meeting. We look forward to a long and prosperous friendship with STK!