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Sunday, October 4, 2015


STK is more than just Jonny and Todd.  Ever wonder who makes our STK-Tees?  It's Portland's own Nick Lee from Studio Signs Co.  In addition to printing great tee-shirts by hand, Nick is an amazing sign painter. 

They have recently moved, so we've have updated our interview from a while back.  You can now find Studio Signs at 9104 SE Woodstock Blvd.  Give them a call at 503-232-3640.

Here is our interview with Nick...
What is your story? How did you come about?
Studio Signs was established in 1963 by pictorial artist Dean Stanley and taken over by Melvin Lee in 1984. Melvin's son Nick Lee grew up around the studio and spent a lot of time watching and learning traditional sign painting and screen printing techniques. The father and son team continue to produce signs the "old school" way using paint and brushes as well as utilizing modern techniques and computers for digitally produced images.

How do you sell your products/services?
We work directly with customers to assess their signage needs and budget, each job is a custom project with many options to be explored before choosing the best solution for the final design and fabrication. We pride ourselves in quality craftsmanship and aim to work with clients who share the same mindset.

What is your favorite means for selling your products/services?
Talking to clients in person is always a great way to get an understanding of the project and what they want, but in the world of designs and images it is essential to communicate through email where artwork files and images can be scanned and attached.  Having a visual image to look at and the sizes and specs of the design are an absolute must in order to conceptualize and create a custom sign.

How did your company and STK connect?
Studio Signs and STK connected through the friendship of Nick Lee and Ryan Altstadt (Todd's little brother).